Alexis von Hades is the Shadow Master of SKAPULA, KORPS' assassination division.

Alexis Von Hades In Prison Break

He appeared in Prison Break and The Shadow Games.

Biography Edit

He is a tough and powerful man, who was imprisoned years ago in Uttland's deepest darkest prison. In Prison Break, the MI High team helped him escape in exchange for information on KORPS. He then had a soft spot for the MI High team, especially Aneisha and Zoe. After being freed from the Helberg, he remained in contact with MI9, as they had since heard from him and knew the location of his flat.

In The Shadow Games he helped the team rescue Keri.

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed in Prison Break that KORPS believed him to be a traitor, as his sister Hyperia von Hades worked for MI9.
  • He also holds a personal vendetta against Frank London, holding him responsible for Hyperia's death 10 years ago, when she was part of Frank's team that led the final assault on KORPS.
  • It is revealed in The Shadow Games that he once tried to take over KORPS.
  • It is revealed at the end of The Shadow Games that he sent MI9 the location of Samantha Stiletto's drop point and he planned the whole thing to regain his position at KORPS.

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