Frankenstein is the second episode of Series 7.


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Plot Edit

Keri's first mission as a fully fledged MI9 agent comes sooner than anyone expected when the team discover an abandoned KORPS base beneath the playground. Keen to investigate, their efforts are repeatedly hampered by the St Hearts 100 year anniversary celebrations. As a terrible storm closes in, Frank begins to act strangely. They realise that one of KORPS' long forgotten experiments from 1941 has turned Frank into a super solider. The team manage to lure a savage Frank into the machine and change him back to his former self. Meanwhile, Mr Flatley is hosting a Halloween themed party to celebrate 100 years of St Hearts. He decides to recreate an experiment with lightning.

Trivia Edit

  • The KORPS base under St Hearts is seen again in The Beginning.
  • Goof: The KORPS agents says the year is 1941, but there is photo of a nuclear mushroom cloud.
  • It is revealed Stella doesn't have total security clearance.
  • KORPS divisions featured: STERNUM.
  • Lady J says the episode title.
  • Frank and Stella's relationship is featured in this episode.

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MI High - Series 7 - Episode 2 - Frankenstein

MI High - Series 7 - Episode 2 - Frankenstein