Hermione King is the headmistress at St Hearts.

Mrs King

Biography Edit

She is a strong willed, serious and dominant woman who likes things her own way. All the students and Frank are scared of her - Mr Flatley is terrified. Her first appearance was in The Mayze, she scares everyone! She is revealed to be Aneisha's aunt.

Personality Edit

A fierce, domineering, and obsessive disciplinarian, Mrs King is quite practical and serious, a zealot about rules and importance. This makes her rather arrogant and self-focused, but also very idealistic and fanatically elitist. She has a hot temper and is quick to yell at people who displease her.

However, she still has a spot for a bit of adventure, excitement and romance. This was shown in the episode, The Return of the Dark Wizard. Her softer side is also seen in other episodes.

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