Kloe is one of The Mastermind's failed clones, seen in Inheritance.


Biography Edit

Not much is known about her, apart from the fact that she used to be trained at SKUL with Zoe when she was younger.

Inheritance Edit

In InheritanceZoe uses Frank's genetic tracer to track down Kloe. Kloe was found in a burgled house hiding in the wardrobe. She was taken back to St Hearts where it was discovered that she was the one who broke into the house. It is also revealed that SKUL had genetically modified her DNA rendering her unstable, causing her to become aggressive and violent. Angry because she wasn't allowed to join MI9, she kidnapped the Grand Duke Nicholas and demanded a ransom for his life. In the end, she was rescued by MI9 and admitted into a medical facility so her genetic damage could be repaired.

Personality Edit

Paranoid, vengeful, cold, malicious, psychopathic, cynical, and highly sadistic, Kloe displays signs of textbook psychopathy, such as being sociopathic, ruthless, temperamental, and highly intelligent.

Kloe appears to have an inferiority complex and views others as either puppets to manipulate or obstacles to be demolished. She also appears to suffer traumatically from a borderline personality disorder, suffering from extreme anxiety attacks and is capable of violent mood swings: calm and calculating one moment, ferocious and angry the next.

She is very angry, since Zoe was much better than her at SKUL. She is traumatically hardened by having to survive alone and unaided, as well as being turned down as inferior by the rest of SKUL.

Trivia Edit

  • Kloe is one of The Mastermind's clones and the code on her arm is B.9.2.K..L.O.E.7
  • Her skills are hand to hand combat and deep cover.

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