League of the Mata Hari is the ninth episode of Series 7.

League Of The Mata Hari

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Plot Edit

Frank is honored and totally bowled over when he's invited to join a top secret order: The League of the Mata Hari. But his curious team can't help but probe and their meddling leads them into a criminal conspiracy deep within MI9 that includes the leadership. The team risk their lives and careers to lead the purge of the traitors. Meanwhile, Mr Flatley sees Frank's invitation to the league and takes the test of silence.

Trivia Edit

  • Several M.I sections suffer budget cuts.
  • Stella Knight is the leader of the league.
  • Almost every department leader was a member of the league. Frank London was offered the job as leader of MI9, as he was the most senior member not to be arrested.

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M.I. High Series 7 Episode 9 The League of the Matahari