The Prime Minister appeared in four Series 7 episodes.


Appearances Edit

Revenge is Sweet Edit

In Revenge is Sweet, the Prime Minister eats the Cupodium Triple X cupcakes and experiences both stages of the compound. However, when Monoblot helps save the day, he gives him a full pardon.

The Problem Probe Edit

It is revealed that he relies on the help of Mandy Pluckley, the country's top agony aunt. He goes crazy without her, putting the unity summit in jeopardy. However, Mandy is found. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister sees the MI High team's near miss as a danger and has them shut down.

We Need to Talk About KORTEX and The Last Stand Edit

During the first episode, the Prime Minister announces that he's going to hand the country over to his deputy, Evelyn Baxter. However, in The Last Stand, she is revealed to be The Crime Minister and arrested. The Prime Minister keeps charge of the country.

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