Revenge is Sweet is the fourth episode of Series 7.

Revenge is Sweet

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Plot Edit

When government food adviser George Monoblot is fired, after protesting the dangers of a revolutionary new sugar substitute, Cupodium, he seeks the help of President Carlotta of Cartania. They put a new substitute, Cupodium Triple X, into cupcakes, which are selling by the millions. The first stage of the compound is happiness. However, the second stage is rage. Dan and Aneisha are captured by Carlotta, so it is up to Keri to get the antidote. She tells Monoblot that Carlotta is double crossing him and together they release the antidote into the rain. Meanwhile, Mr Flatley becomes happy and proposes to Mrs King. As he enters the second stage, rage, she enters the first. During the episode climax, Mrs King, Lady J, Roly and the other St Hearts students dance in the school entrance.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode of the series that doesn't involve KORPS.
  • This episode opened similarly to The Mayze, with someone being dragged on screen.
  • During the news report with Monoblot, a caption reads 'Derren Beige signs book deal', linking to the previous episode.

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MI High - Series 7 - Episode 4 - Revenge is Sweet

MI High - Series 7 - Episode 4 - Revenge is Sweet