The Crime Minister is the deputy leader of KORPS.

The Crime Minister Series 7

Biography Edit

After the first war with KORPS, the Crime Minister was presumed dead as her body was never found. She was first visually seen in an old photo in the bunker beneath MI9 headquarters. After Agent Odysseus (a self assembling robot) was defeated, she spoke to Frank through him, in Trojan KORPS. She explained that the explosion all those years ago was just part of her escape plan and that numerous other KORPS agents survived the battle.

She was placed under arrest in The Last Stand.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite KORPS' interest in Zoe, they are unable to recognize her in person, seen in Trojan KORPS and The Hive.
  • In The Final Endgame it is seen that she lacks hand to hand combat training, when she is easily defeated by Frank.
  • The Crime Minister was able to recognize Keri on CCTV footage in The Last Stand.
  • The Crime Minister has disguised herself as Jenny Lane, a television news reporter. Not knowing who she was, Zoe, Aneisha and Dan saved her life. She also posed as the Education Minister in The Hive. She then disguised herself as Evelyn Baxter in We Need to Talk About KORTEX and The Last Stand. Evelyn was the Deputy Prime Minister and The Crime Minister was plotting to take over the country.

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