The Germinator is the eighth episode of Series 6.


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Plot Edit

Funded by KORPS, scientific genius Bobby Bleach brings Britain to its knees by releasing a plague of airborne supergerms which have incapacitated everyone who breathes them in. Tom is the only member of the team who escaped infection, and must overcome his fear of being in the field and stop Bleach before it is too late.

Trivia Edit

  • Frank is baffled about why KORPS want Dr Steinberg released after at least ten years.
  • The title is a reference to The Terminator.
  • Tom shows his lack of undercover work by going into the warehouse in his usual spy clothes, instead of blending into the background.

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MI High - Series 6 - Episode 8 - The Germinator

MI High - Series 6 - Episode 8 - The Germinator