The Hive is the sixth episode of Series 6.

The Hive

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Plot Edit

On a campaign to get kids eating more healthily and concentrate at school, St Hearts is chosen by celebrity chef Jimmy Jubbly as a test bed for his new health drink - Jubblyade. But Aneisha is quick to discover that it is affecting everyone's behavior, making them operate with a hive mind.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite KORPS' interest in Zoe, The Crime Minister cannot recognize her in person. This also occurs in Trojan KORPS.
  • Melissa asks if Zoe's parents were robots, a reference to her isolated upbringing at SKUL.
  • McNab's lesson at the beginning of the episode is about the hive mind in insect communities.
  • The TV report scrolling bar makes a reference to Calvin Klein.
  • Aneisha Jones mentions her aunt, later revealed to be Mrs King in The Mayze.

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MI High - Series 6 - Episode 6 - The Hive

MI High - Series 6 - Episode 6 - The Hive