The Man who Drew Tomorrow is the third episode of Series 7.

The Man Who Drew Tomorrow

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Plot Edit

The team are sent to investigate Derren Beige, a flamboyant clairvoyant, whose previously useless predictions have become scarily accurate. But Derren is kidnapped by KORPS from right under the agents' noses, leaving Stella far from impressed. Suspended from duty, the team must race against the clock to decipher the mystery of Derren's amazing ability and use his draws to discover why he was kidnapped and where he was taken, before KORPS can use him for his own dark agenda. It turns out Derren found a T.E.D (Temporal Energy Displacement) crystal, which suddenly turned him into a true clairvoyant. At the end of the episode, he becomes what he's always wanted to be - an artist. Meanwhile, St Hearts is hosting a Fun Futures Fair and Mrs King gives the students a test to determine what job they'd be good at.

Trivia Edit

  • The drawings of teddy bears refer to the T.E.D.
  • Stella and MI9 are under pressure due to previous failures, such as in Trojan KORPS.
  • The Crime Minister references the song Tomorrow Belongs to Me.
  • The KORPS agents are more skilled in hand to hand combat. In previous episodes, they were easily defeated.
  • The KORPS agents in the T.E.D lab appear not to be arrested by MI9.

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MI High Series 7 Episode 3 The Man Who Drew Tomorrow

MI High Series 7 Episode 3 The Man Who Drew Tomorrow