Walter M Dainbridge used to work at St Hearts and for KORPS.

Walter Dainbridge

Biography Edit

It is not know when Walter began working at St Hearts or for KORPS, but he was killed in 1941.

In Frankenstein, it is shown that he was working in a KORPS lab under the school on a super soldier. However, the super soldier he created, Agent Walker, killed him. The machine turned Frank into a super soldier when Keri left her jacket on the lever.

In The Beginning, the events of which took place in 1941, but before the super soldier project, Walter was working on a weapon of mass destruction for KORPS. However, he couldn't make the machine work, so he created a genius serum, which would make him clever enough for a few hours to fix the weapon. However, Roly ended up drinking some, after Tom found it in the KORPS base, and was kidnapped by KORPS and ordered to fix their new WMD, although he was eventually rescued.

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