We Need to Talk About KORTEX is the twelfth episode of Series 7.

We Need To Talk About KORTEX

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The MI High project has been terminated and the now jobless spies have set up as freelance International Security Experts, but business is not exactly booming. The team are about to give up when a government worker from a top secret communications monitoring base comes to them for help - he has discovered an assassin attempt that will take place on Evelyn Baxter, the Deputy Prime Minister. The team are determined to crack the KORTEX conundrum and hope that it gets them reinstated, but their investigation forces them to question everything they've ever believed in. KORPS has initiated their most brazen scheme to dominate the world. Hamish has been exposed a double agent and KORPS have taken over MI9. The team must go into hiding. Have their days at St Hearts come to an end? Meanwhile, Mr Flatley attempts to take care of St Hearts, as Frank has left, and gains the reluctant help of Mrs King and the students.

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Mi High Series 7 - We need to Talk About Kortex

Mi High Series 7 - We need to Talk About Kortex